Free mobile health outreach clinic

Due to the continuing economic meltdown in Zimbabwe the overall health care system continues to be adversely affected. Health sector funding has fallen over the years and many health professionals have migrated to other countries. This has caused a reduction in some health services. Sizolwethu in partnership with the Bulawayo City Council, the Insiza Rural District Council and the Ministry of Health provides health education and clinical care to poor unserved peri-urban and rural areas in Matabeleland. Currently Sizolwethu is operating in 6 locations and has a minimum of 8 clinic days per month and 4 health and hygiene education sessions. The areas of operation are as follows:

  • Fort-Rixon
  • Trenance/Cabatsha Squatter Camp
  • Mazwi Village/St Peters Village
  • Castle Arms Compound
  • Waterford Compound
  • Mustard Seed Orphanage

Developmental Initiatives

Sizolwethu works through the relevant authorities as well as with various communities to develop appropriate Water, Sanitation and Health development strategies. Such activities are conducted in partnership with specialized local or international NGOs.

Current WASH Project – Phakamani Multi-faceted Water Project

This water supply project is designed to reduce the risk of water-borne diseases arising from the use of unprotected surface and shallow water sources by the rural community of Phakamani through the implementation of a multi-faceted strategy. The strategy links WASH principles to three new water points. These water points include:

Rainwater Harvesting

A rainwater harvesting system has been erected through the installation of a large galvanized steel roof structure connected to several PVC tanks to provide up to 50,000litres of storage at any one time. The roof has been specifically designed to enable community members to convert it into a 2-4 roomed classroom block.


Sizolwethu together with a local NGO, Dabane Trust installed a sand-abstraction rowa pump on the bank of the gwaai River. For many generations, people have been digging deep into the sediment to draw water. This technology is low cost, effective and easy to maintain. Water is from the sand-rivers.

Click here to learn more about sand-abstraction

Partnering with Australian medical and volunteer teams

The organization partners with Australian expatriates such as doctors, nurses, pharmacists and general helpers atleast once a year to provide enhanced free medical outreach services in a variety of needy communities. This also benefits the local nurses as they acquire hands on practical experience from the Australian teams.

Relief Initiatives

Sizolwethu on a small scale and funds permitting, occasionally offers relief initiatives. The organization acts swiftly to reach out to communities in crisis and provide them with life-saving health care, emergency nutrition services such as food distribution, safe drinking water (offering aqua-tabs), protective temporary shelter, and anything else that can help their families survive.