Success Story: Pauline

Pauline is a mother who attended one of our outreach clinics at Hamara near Bulawayo back in August. Pauline presented with a large tumor growing on her left eye which had been growing for many years. The Cosmos HealthCare and Sizolwethu staff assessed her eye and sought advice from a good friend Dr Stephen Beaty (Ophthalmologist) in the USA. He referred Pauline to Dr Jana an Ophthalmologist at Richard Morris Eye
Hospital in Bulawayo. Thankfully the tumor was found to be benign and not life threatening. Recently Dr Jana used his skills to completely remove the tumour. Even though Pauline has some residual cloudy vision, she is still extremely happy and very grateful to God for this blessing. Amazingly, this whole process only cost a couple of hundred dollars, a fortune for many in Zimbabwe.


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